Social Security Disability

Bellevue and Renton Disability Attorney

There are many Social Security Disability attorneys who advertise their assistance with Social Security Disability matters. However, many are from national firms that have offices far away from clients. Many mail out forms and provide little to no in-person assistance to those applying for benefits.

Handling Your Social Security Disability Case

I am attorney Ruth I. Kimball, and I have helped individuals in Bellevue and Renton, Washington, and surrounding areas with their Social Security Disability claims for over 32 years. What sets me apart from other Social Security Disability firms is that I understand how complex the Social Security Disability approval process can be for my clients. I meet with all of my clients face-to-face and help them work through the entire process.

What good does it do to be represented by a firm located on the East Coast that mails you an eight-page form to complete on your own? You need an attorney at your side to walk you through the process. – Ruth I. Kimball

I assist with various aspects of the process, including:

I also know the local scene — a benefit no lawyer at a national firm can tout. Since I am a 37 year Washington resident, I am familiar with the hospitals, doctors and judges in the area.

Extensive Medical Knowledge

I carry extensive knowledge in the medical field. Before receiving my law degree, I worked alongside physicians, nurses and medical professionals as both a hospital technologist and medical laboratory manager for 10 years. I understand complex medical terminology — a vital component to all Social Security Disability cases.

Contact Me At 425-271-4437 To Set Up A Free Consultation

I encourage you to call 425-271-4437 or contact me online to discuss your Social Security Disability case. Consultations for Social Security Disability claims are always free.

I am excited to announce my new Bellevue office beginning May 1, 2021.  I will be located on the south side of Interstate 90, between Eastgate and Factoria, across from the Eastgate Park and Ride.   Free parking is available.

I also offer special appointments in Renton, Kent and Olympia on request.

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